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Real Estate Management Software That’s Affordable And Easy To Use


Computers are supposed to make our lives easier.

Yet many real estate owners and managers are forced to waste countless hours studying software manuals and spend thousands of dollars on software that’s inefficient and difficult to use.

Now there’s a real estate software solution that changes all that.



Leasehold Real Estate Manager

For Professional Management Of Real Estate Properties


Leasehold is an advanced real estate management system that gives you fast, easy access to all the information you need to manage properties — at an affordable price.

Whether you’re in charge of one small property or many multiple-unit complexes, Leasehold lets you manage your real estate with a few simple clicks or keystrokes.

Unlike other real estate management software, Leasehold is user-friendly and specially designed to save you time and trouble. This sophisticated, comprehensive software system handles all phases of residential renting, apartments, condos, co-ops, commercial and store rentals — letting you manage virtually any number of properties and tenants with unparalleled ease.



Leasehold automates the entire management process for all type of rentals including subsidies, fuel adjustments, Section 8 tenants, senior citizens, lease renewals, rent control, rent stabilization, major capital improvements, maintenance, parking, tax, charges, fees and more.

Leasehold’s unique screen system makes seeing tenant information and data entry a snap. A  letter processor is linked directly to the tenant records as is the work order processor. This lets you write, merge and print your tenant, management and work orders without exiting the program.


Special features include:

  • Apartment and parking lease renewals
  • Two-way rent mailer printing or plain paper
  • Printing of DHCR registration forms
  • Deposit slips, check printing and reconciliation
  • 3, 5 or 10 day notices
  • Check and name searches across properties
  • Work orders and violation tracking
  • Automatic calendar, court and legal reminders
  • Income and expense charts
  • View reports on screen or as PDF files
  • History balances for court
  • Expense and payroll checks
  • Year-to-year fuel/water usage consumption comparisons
  • Network ready, optional Emailing and much more…


Leasehold puts comprehensive tenant records at your fingertips. Get instant access to rent and details, lease information, open balances and much more.



Information is power. Leasehold’s powerful reporting capability gives you the information needed to make strategic business decisions so you can manage properties with minimum effort, handle more properties and let your business thrive, prosper, and grow. You can issue a variety of reports, including:

  • Building Analysis and Property Reports
  • Operating Statements and Balance Sheets
  • Lease Expiration Reports and Rent Register Sheets
  • Receipt Recap and Check Deposit Reports
  • Receipts & Charges/Security Ledgers History
  • Vacancy Reports and Vacancy Loss Reports
  • Tenant Work Orders and Violation Work Orders
  • User Defined Reports and Ledger Reports
  • Invoice Listings and Check History Reports
  • Aged Accounts Receivable and Payable Reports
  • Partnership Reports and Tenant Records

            … and many others!

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